Pain Rehabilitation: Finding Relief through Physical and Behavioral Therapy

When afflicted with an injury or chronic pain condition, physical ability and emotional health are commonly impacted in a negative way. For this reason, the pain management physicians of our New England-based pain management center work in tandem with a network of physical and behavioral therapists to promote healing and relief from acute and chronic pain. Whether applied as part of a multidisciplinary pain management program or as a stand alone pain control treatment, pain rehabilitation aims to restore a patient’s physical and emotional stability. Read on to learn what rehabilitation programs are available to you as a patient of Pain Management Centers of New England – a practice proudly servicing the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.

Physical Therapy Patients recovering from an injury or surgery or coping with a chronic pain condition often experience a decrease in range in motion, muscle strength and flexibility, as well as a decline in posture because of their discomfort. To promote proper healing, reduce pain, and improve physical abilities, our pain management specialists work in conjunction with physical therapists to develop customized rehabilitation programs designed around the unique needs of our patients. Depending upon the acute or chronic pain condition, our pain management centers and our referred network of rehabilitation specialists may deploy manual (therapeutic massage) rehabilitation techniques, physical movement, as well as exercise to improve a patient’s overall strength, flexibility, mobility, and pain level.
Behavioral Counseling To help patients cope with severe or debilitating discomfort, Pain Management Centers of New England extend behavioral counseling as part of our comprehensive interdisciplinary pain management service offering. Through this rehabilitation program, patients learn mind/body techniques to reduce stress and the impact of pain as well as behavioral modifications to live a life with reduced discomfort.

To provide a level of care that is appropriate for our patients, our pain management physicians and network of rehabilitation specialists continuously collaborate and evaluate the unique requirements of each case to best address an acute or chronic pain condition. For some, this may entail a multidisciplinary approach to pain control, including pharmacologic pain management, physical rehabilitation, or other pain management techniques, such as interventional pain treatments; whereas others may find the relief they seek through a physical/behavioral rehabilitation program alone. To determine if comprehensive pain rehabilitation is the right choice for you, speak with your primary care physician and request a referral to our New England-based pain management center conveniently located in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

For additional information regarding pain rehabilitation techniques for both acute and chronic pain relief, contact Pain Management Centers of New England today.

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