Why Choose Pain Modulation Associates?

The specialists at Pain Modulation Associates relieve discomfort and restore quality of life for every patient seeking pain relief treatments. Through state-of-the-art techniques for acute and chronic pain conditions, our team of board-certified and highly-trained pain management physicians and staff develop pain treatment plans, beginning with science and ending with compassion. Patients of our practice can expect professional, individualized care and services, molded around the unique needs of their conditions, whether injury or disease. Persistent pain is often debilitating, and as an acute and chronic pain management center, we are committed to the delivery of high quality treatments. Our mission at Pain Modulation Associates is to help our patients realize that a future without pain or distracting discomfort is possible, and only an arms reach away.

The Practice of Choice for Patients & Referrers Alike

At Pain Modulation Associates, we work closely with referring healthcare providers to develop comprehensive treatment plans for our patients that equally address the physical, psychological, emotional, vocational, and functional aspects of a pain-related condition. By collaborating with our strong network of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals, all of which, just like us, are committed to restoring our patient’s overall quality of life, we are able to extend our main management services to best address a variety of needs of our patients.

The doctors at Pain Modulation Associates proudly serve Boston's North Shore and Cape Ann. The pursuit of the latest and minimally invasive pain management and wellness treatment plans and techniques are proven effective when treating a range of pain-related conditions. From pharmacologic approaches, to rehabilitation and interventional techniques, our doctors, specialists, and caring staff ensure an outstanding standard of patient care. Pain Modulation Associates participates with most major insurance carriers. To guarantee coverage and reimbursement, consult your current health plan.

Services We Offer

Alleviating Pain. Restoring Quality of Life.

If you live in or around Boston's North Shore and Cape Ann and suffer from a pain condition,
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