Alternative Pain Management Therapies

According to a 2007 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Health Statistic report, approximately 38 percent of adults in the United States used some form of complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, with pain management topping the list of treated conditions. 1 And, that number continues to grow as more and more individuals are turning to CAM for the treatment of an acute or chronic pain condition.
Alternative Pain Management Therapies
CAM pain management therapies offer patients a holistic approach to pain control with a primary focus on mind and body treatments and methodologies, such as through Reiki or Massage Therapy. By partnering with a network of healthcare professionals, Pain Modulation Associates is able to offer patients the following CAM options:

Reiki: Reiki centers on the belief that physical, mental, and spiritual health is influenced by the flow of energy. By placing their hands on or above an energy source known as a chakra, a Reiki practitioner removes energy blockages to promote healing, reduce muscle tension, and ease the sensation of pain.

Massage Therapy: Through the manipulation of soft tissue and muscle, a massage therapist’s goal in the setting of pain management is to decrease muscle tension, increase the flow of oxygen and blood, release endorphins (a natural pain killer), and reduce stress to promote healing and pain relief.

Deciding on a complementary or alternative pain management treatment is a personal choice. However, the physicians and compassionate, caring staff at Pain Modulation Associates would be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns surrounding CAM therapies as an alternative treatment, or to complement other methods of pain control. For those living in the north shore area of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire who are also interested in discussing CAM therapies, please contact us for additional information so that we can get started on improving your quality of life today.

For additional information regarding alternative pain therapies for both acute and chronic pain relief, contact Pain Modulation Associates today.

1: Barnes PM, Bloom B, Nahin R. CDC National Health Statistics Report #12. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Adults and Children: United States, 2007. December 10, 2008

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