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Whether disease, syndrome, musculoskeletal deterioration, or the result of an injury, there are a number of causes of pain, as well as a number of pain management procedures and services available to patients afflicted with pain conditions. Some procedures include interventional pain procedures, physical rehabilitation, and pharmacological treatments, all of which can be performed by our highly trained and certified doctors and specialists. If you suffer from an acute or chronic pain condition and live on Boston's North Shore and Cape Ann, these treatment plans may be the next step for you. The doctors, specialists, and compassionate staff members at Pain Modulation Associates utilize the most up-to-date and minimally invasive treatment procedures and strategies to determine the cause of your pain, and establish evidence-based treatment plans with the goal of long-term pain control.

Conditions Treated at Pain Modulation Associates

Acute and chronic pain can make the simple and mundane seem like insurmountable challenges. If your personal life, including work, relationships, and happiness, have fallen causality to your uncontrolled discomfort or pain, then contain Pain Modulation Associates today in order to regain control over your acute or chronic pain condition. As a patient of our pain management practice, you can expect attentive care from one of our compassionate, caring specialists or staff members that is demanded for the complete understanding of your condition.

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